7 Men I Admire

Tommy Lee Jones, actor

I originally wrote "Breaux" as a screenplay with Tommy Lee Jones, another man I admire, in mind as the star.

My main character, Breaux, is as unique a character as he is controversial. He is very determined in everything he does and is driven at times. Breaux never gives up, which could be construed as his being hard-headed. He gets these characteristics from real-life men I have known who have affected my life. These characters are listed below in no certain order.

  1. O. R.  -  Ironworker, strong, very hard worker, opinionated, hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman. He was a man’s man and loved his wife dearly. They had no children, so he and his wife became the grandparents I never had growing up. He was a vet and a God-fearing man. Yet he also taught me to stop and smell the roses. His persona is reflected in Breaux over and over throughout the book.
  2. R. P.   -  A very successful banker and entrepreneur, he never lost his                  country roots. He was a fisherman and hunter and provided for his family very well. He taught me to stand on my own two feet.
  3. J. M.   – A pastor, educated, gardener, family man, and my mentor. He helped me see the path that I needed to take for my life. He would not answer my questions. He simply directed me to trust God and God would show me in His time.
  4. J. R.   -  Another pastor. Kind, gentle, generous, caring, gentle, lived in New York City for a while. He loved and cared for his family and taught me to care for others in need. He taught me that my actions told others who I really was. Through him I learned to live my life to the fullest.
  5. D. H.   -  Taught me how to laugh. Honest, fun-loving, energetic, patient, generous, gracious, country. He showed me to be happy in any circumstance. He was faithful to his wife and family.
  6. J. H.   -  Construction Superintendent. He was a Christian man who loved people and cared for his family and friends. He taught me how to be a good foreman when I started out. He even saved my life one time, and I will never forget that.
  7. H. A. L.   -  Although I had very little personal contact with this man, he was a major influence on me. He stressed that every man had worth and that as a good foreman, it was my responsibility to use the right men for the job. He stressed that I should treat people the way I would want to be treated if the roles were reversed. He taught me to never show favoritism and to let my “Yes” be yes and my “No” mean no.

These are the people that shaped the character of Breaux.  Although he is a fictional character, the legacy of these men lives through him.  I only wish there were more men like these for the rest of us to learn from.


About mackinnon

I was born and raised in North Louisiana, and I’m damn proud of it. After growing up after my father passed away, I learned to stand on my own two feet. My mother was awesome and taught me a lot about how to deal with other people. I went into construction in the late 60’s as an ironworker. I learned the trade and applied it well. I was named foreman in less than two years. I became a general ironworker foreman soon after that and then ironworker superintendent. I instilled into all of my men to do the best job possible and work hard always. In return, I made sure that they got a full paycheck every week. They accepted the words of a 22 year old and stood with me against the union BA and defended me to my supervisor. As I traveled around America I took notice of the different personalities that I encountered. They were rough and tough ironworkers, but they were all real. With a few exceptions, they would literally give me the shirt off of their backs. I am a Christian, and I am not ashamed to proclaim my faith to anybody. I am not affiliated with any particular denomination, but feel free to worship in any of them. I am a common man, free and independent to be myself.
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  1. I think everybody needs someone to admire or look up to. People should always have someone who inspires them or teaches them something new. Very impressive.

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